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Here comes the Sun...

It's officially Summer...Shandy!

As the days lengthen and the spirit of summer takes hold, HEAVY Brewing Co. is excited to announce the launch of its favorite Summer beer, the Shandy Citrus Ale, inspired by the beloved festival favorite, lemon shake-ups. This beer is a nostalgic ode to hot summer nights and the joy of sipping a cool, refreshing drink under the stars.

Crafted with the zest of real lemons and a blend of natural citrus flavors, the Shandy Citrus Ale promises to deliver a burst of sunshine in every glass. The essence of freshly squeezed lemons, combined with a light, crisp ale, makes this shandy a perfect companion for any summer occasion, from backyard barbecues to beachfront festivities.

Lukas Kummer, Chief Science Officer at HEAVY Brewing Co., emphasizes the brewery's commitment to quality and authenticity: "At HEAVY, we believe in the power of real ingredients. For our Shandy Citrus Ale, we chose only the finest natural citrus and real lemon juice to capture the true essence of those classic lemon shake-ups. It’s this dedication to authenticity that allows us to deliver a shandy not just with refreshing flavor, but with a character that transports you right back to those joyous summer festivals."

The Shandy Citrus Ale is now available at the HEAVY Wheelhouse and HEAVY Underground. In addition, this refreshing summer brew is distributed to fine beer retailers everywhere, making it easy to bring a taste of Summer right to your table.

As the season unfolds, HEAVY Brewing Co. looks forward to sharing our passion for craft beer and genuine ingredients with every pour of Shandy Citrus Ale - filling us with the promise of a summer filled with good times and great beer.

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