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The Mighty Vulcana...and Berries!

As the summer sun reigns supreme, HEAVY Brewing Co. is thrilled to announce the release of two new fruit variations of its beloved Vulcana melon and lime gose: Raspberry Vulcana and Blackberry Vulcana. These vibrant additions to the HEAVY lineup are set to tantalize taste buds with their perfect balance of tartness and authentic berry flavors, capturing the essence of summer in every sip.

Raspberry Vulcana and Blackberry Vulcana are crafted to showcase the natural and robust flavors of fresh raspberries and blackberries, respectively. By using real fruit in the brewing process, HEAVY ensures that the genuine tastes of these beloved berries shine through, complementing the inherent tartness of the gose style.

Dustin Wade, Chief Sales Officer for HEAVY, emphasized the brewery's commitment to authenticity, stating, "At HEAVY, we believe in letting real ingredients speak for themselves. With Raspberry Vulcana and Blackberry Vulcana, it’s all about highlighting the true flavors of the fruits, allowing them to be the stars of the show. These beers really highlight how the right balance of a sour compliments the fruit on the palette."

Inspired by the legendary strongwoman Vulcana, known for her remarkable strength and charismatic presence, these beers embody the spirit of their namesake. Vulcana was a pioneer who inspired many with her feats and strength, and HEAVY aims to channel her trailblazing spirit through innovative brewing.

Enjoy the crisp, refreshing taste of Raspberry Vulcana and Blackberry Vulcana at HEAVY Wheelhouse in Oak Openings or HEAVY Underground in Vistula. These summer brews are also available at fine beer retailers everywhere, perfect for sipping on a warm evening or sharing with friends at seasonal gatherings.

Embrace the vibrant, tart flavors of summer with Raspberry Vulcana and Blackberry Vulcana—because at HEAVY, it’s all about real ingredients, real flavors, and beer that’s really good. Cheers to a summer of strength and savoring the fruit of nature!

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