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Built for...Speed!

HEAVY Brewing Co. is excited to announce the launch of its new brown ale series, "Built For," with its inaugural release, Built For Speed. This coffee-infused brown ale perfectly melds the rich, robust flavors of a classic brown ale with the aromatic delight of locally roasted coffee from Flying Rhino, a women-owned Toledo coffee roaster.

Built For Speed is designed to captivate the palates of coffee lovers and beer aficionados alike. By integrating coffee sourced from Flying Rhino, known for its exceptional quality and rich flavor profiles, HEAVY ensures that each sip delivers the genuine and bold coffee flavors that enthusiasts cherish. This partnership highlights HEAVY’s commitment to supporting local businesses and utilizing real, high-quality ingredients.

Andrew Newby, Chief Executive Officer for HEAVY, emphasizes the importance of this collaboration, stating, "Working with Flying Rhino allows us to incorporate real, locally roasted coffee into our brew, making the rich coffee flavor the star of Built For Speed. Creating a smooth, flavorful experience starts with the bean and roast."

Built For Speed is now available at the HEAVY Wheelhouse in Oak Openings and the HEAVY Underground in Vistula. Additionally, this inviting brew can be found at fine beer retailers everywhere, ready to be enjoyed by those who appreciate a beer crafted with care and community spirit.

Cheers to the artful blend of brews and beans!

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