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Perfect for picnics and tacos...

Bueno Lime + Salt Lager

With summer on the horizon, HEAVY Brewing Co. is thrilled to announce the return of its seasonal favorite, Bueno, a lime+salt lager that perfectly encapsulates the zest and joy of the sunniest days. Inspired by the refreshing taste of margaritas and the savory delight of tacos, Bueno is crafted to complement the light-hearted pleasure of summer dining and social gatherings.

Bueno is meticulously brewed with real lime and a hint of salt, offering a balanced flavor profile that is both refreshing and invigorating without overpowering the palate. This carefully crafted lager is designed to be the ideal accompaniment to warm weather festivities, combining the laid-back vibe of a beach getaway with the lively zest of a summer fiesta.

Lukas Kummer, Chief Science Officer at HEAVY Brewing Co., emphasizes the brand’s commitment to authentic flavors, "In creating Bueno, our goal was to capture the genuine flavors of lime and salt that are so iconic to margaritas and enhance the overall beer drinking experience. By using real ingredients, we ensure that each sip is as refreshing and invigorating as the last, without overwhelming the subtle craft lager beneath. It’s about striking that perfect balance that both enlivens and refreshes."

HEAVY Brewing Co. is proud to offer Bueno at two of its prime locations: the HEAVY Wheelhouse in Oak Openings and the HEAVY Underground in Vistula. These venues provide the perfect backdrop for enjoying Bueno, whether you’re soaking in the natural beauty surrounding Oak Openings or experiencing the vibrant urban atmosphere of Vistula.

In addition to being available at HEAVY’s own locations, Bueno will also be distributed to fine beer retailers everywhere, ensuring that this summer staple can be enjoyed no matter where your adventures may lead.

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