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Riverwalk Wit

IBU tbd

ABV 5.4%

DRAFT 1/6, 1/2

HOPS tbd

MALT tbd

PACKAGE 6/12oz

Introducing Riverwalk Wit, your serene escape from HEAVY Brewing Co. This Belgian-style wheat ale is a call to slow down, relax, and savor each moment as it comes. With its crisp, bright character, Riverwalk Wit is crafted to be the ultimate companion for leisure, whether you're meandering along a sunlit riverbank or unwinding in your backyard.

Crafted with the finest ingredients, Riverwalk Wit presents a harmonious blend of zesty citrus and subtle spice. Each sip refreshes the palate with gentle flavors of orange peel and coriander, encapsulated in a soft, effervescent body that sparkles with clarity and light.

But Riverwalk Wit isn’t just about exceptional taste—it’s a mission-driven brew. In partnership with Metroparks Toledo, each purchase supports conservation efforts, helping to maintain and beautify the natural spaces that inspire us all. When you choose Riverwalk Wit, you’re contributing to the preservation of our beloved parks and rivers, ensuring they remain places of peace and beauty for everyone to enjoy.

Perfect for any occasion that calls for a bit of relaxation and reflection, Riverwalk Wit is best enjoyed at a leisurely pace. It’s about embracing the slow flow of life, the quiet moments that deserve to be savored with a beer in hand.

Supporting Our Natural Heritage with Riverwalk Wit

At HEAVY Brewing, we believe in giving back to the community and the environment. That is why we are proud to support Metropark Toledo’s conservation programs with every purchase of our Riverwalk Wit.

The Metroparks are more than just beautiful landscapes; they are vibrant, living classrooms that teach us about our world and nourish our souls. These preserved natural spaces provide essential environmental, economic, and community benefits, attracting visitors from near and far.

Metroparks Toledo has tirelessly worked to preserve and restore these breathtaking landscapes, ensuring they remain clean, safe, and natural for generations to come. Through their efforts, natural habitats have been revitalized, offering stunning settings for a lifetime of learning and exploration.

By choosing Riverwalk Wit, you are not only enjoying a refreshing, locally crafted beer but also contributing to the ongoing efforts to protect and enhance these vital green spaces. We invite you to get out, get connected, and discover the natural beauty right outside your door. Together, we can make a difference.

It’s a beautiful place to be, and with your support, we can keep it that way. Cheers to nature, community, and great beer!

Learn more about Metroparks Toledo! And explore the natural wonder of Oak Openings - the natural habitats in the park range from oak savanna to wetlands to vegetated sand. The Nature Conservancy once named the sandy region one of the 200 “Last Great Places on Earth.” Start your exploration in Oak Openings at the HEAVY Wheelhouse!

Take me to the river...

So I can relax with this beautiful Belgian-style witbier and watch the world float by.



Long walks
Sunny days