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IBU tbd

ABV 7.2%

DRAFT 1/6, 1/2

HOPS tbd

MALT tbd

PACKAGE 6/12oz

Introducing OH Yeah! Hazy IPA, the champion's brew straight from the top ropes at HEAVY Brewing Co.! Boasting a heavyweight 7.2% ABV, this IPA is like stepping into the ring - you are bold, intense, and absolutely unstoppable! It's the perfect toast for those grand-slam moments when you’re hoisting the championship belt high and proud.

Exploding onto the scene with an elbow drop of fresh hops, OH Yeah! delivers a smackdown of vibrant citrusy floral notes that'll knock your taste buds out. Crafted for the cream of the crop, this beer struts a brilliant balance of zest and bitterness, wearing its hazy, golden glory like a champion’s gold belt.

Each swig of this savage slammer packs a punch of juicy citrus mingling with wild tropical undertones, leading to a finish that’s smooth, daring, and boldly bright. OH Yeah! Hazy IPA is a declaration of victory, a rebel yell from the top of the mountain, daring anyone to challenge its supremacy.

Whether you’re celebrating solo victories or sharing the glory with your crew, this beer is ready to turn any moment into a main event. 

Here’s to those who live life in the fast lane, who aren’t afraid to snap into the madness and shout, "OH Yeah!" with every sip of victory. Raise your cans high, champions—this brew is for you! Let’s get into a frenzy with the bright, balanced, and absolutely savage OH Yeah! Hazy IPA.



When you raise that championship belt

This savage slammer explodes with fresh hops and citrusy floral notes. 



Winning the day
Getting the promotion