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Loop Session IPA

IBU 46

ABV 5.4%

DRAFT 1/6, 1/2

HOPS tbd

MALT tbd


We first designed Loop as the perfect beer after a long run on the trail. We wanted a beer that would refresh and restore with a high drinkability but sharp enough flavor to get through the dirt. We present to you Loop Session IPA: each sip starts with a burst of citrus and pine notes, courtesy of carefully selected hops, leading to a subtle, yet rich, maltiness that smooths the palate. The finish is crisp and refreshingly clean, making it an ideal companion on or off the trail, or for any occasion, from a casual gathering with friends to a post-adventure celebration in the great outdoors.

At HEAVY Beer Co., we believe in the power of beer to bring people together and inspire them to embark on new journeys. Loop Session IPA is a testament to our commitment to quality, community, and the spirit of exploration.



Wherever adventure takes you


Loop Session IPA is a perfect balance of flavor and drinkability and the ultimate companion for wherever adventure takes you. 



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