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Good Luck Dry Irish Stout

IBU tbd

ABV 3.6%

DRAFT 1/6, 1/2

HOPS tbd

MALT tbd

PACKAGE 6/12oz

Introducing Good Luck, HEAVY Brewing Co.'s Dry Irish Stout, where hard work and a touch of fortuity blend into a dark, delightful pint. With a modest 3.6% ABV, Good Luck offers a robust flavor experience that's both roasty and remarkably smooth, making every sip a reward for your efforts and a toast to your achievements.

Good Luck pours a deep, opaque black with a thick, creamy head, promising a classic stout experience. The aroma is a rich tapestry of roasted malts, with hints of coffee and dark chocolate that beckon you to dive deeper. This stout embodies the heart of traditional Irish brewing, offering a straightforward, no-frills approach to good beer making.

On the palate, Good Luck delivers all it promises and more. The initial roasty flavors are bold yet balanced, with a subtle bitterness that complements the stout’s dry profile. The mouthfeel is surprisingly smooth, with a creaminess that belies its light body and low alcohol content. Each sip finishes clean and satisfying, inviting another taste of this darkly rewarding brew.

Good Luck is a celebration of perseverance and the good fortune that follows. It’s perfect for reflective evenings, cozy gatherings, or as a well-earned accompaniment to a hearty meal. Whether you're winding down from a long day or gearing up for the evening's festivities, this Dry Irish Stout stands as a testament to the idea that good things come to those who wait—and to those who dare to brew boldly.

Raise a pint of Good Luck and savor the fruits of hard work and fine craftsmanship. Here’s to the smooth, roasty notes of success and the creamy, fulfilling sips of achievement. Cheers to good fortune in every glass!

Make your own Luck

Good Luck Dry Irish Stout is smooth and bold, easy to pair with your life.



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