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Black Metal Black IPA

IBU tbd

ABV 6.66%

DRAFT 1/6, 1/2

HOPS tbd

MALT tbd

PACKAGE 6/12oz

Introduce yourself to Black Metal, a formidable creation from HEAVY Brewing Co. that dares to traverse the shadowy boundary between a luminous IPA and a profound stout. This audacious brew, marked by an ABV of 6.66%, is a dark symphony of flavor that resonates with the intense spirit of black metal music—complex, bold, and unapologetically powerful.

Black Metal pours a deep, enigmatic ebony, veiled in a dense, tenebrous foam. From the first encounter, it commands your senses, releasing an onslaught of rich, roasted malts intertwined with a surge of brazen hop bitterness. This beer is the embodiment of a black metal opus—dark, immersive, and intensely evocative.

Each sip of Black Metal unleashes a cascade of contrasting flavors. The dark stout foundation lays down heavy riffs of coffee and dark chocolate, while overtones of bright, citrusy hops slice through the darkness like the piercing scream of an electric guitar. It’s a harmonious clash of styles, where the robustness of the stout and the vibrancy of the IPA exist in a precarious, thrilling balance.

Crafted for those who crave depth and intensity in their beer. It’s for the nights of wild concerts, the reflective moments in dimly lit rooms, and the gatherings where tales of lore and loud laughter fill the air.

Here’s to the nights filled with fervor, to the echoes of the past, and to a beer that rocks as hard as you do. Raise your glass high, and let the spirit of Black Metal roar.

Dark is the night

A black IPA like no other: balanced, rich, and unforgettable.



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