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Fruit Gose

Raspberry Vulcana

IBU tbd

ABV 5.3%


HOPS tbd

MALT tbd


Introducing Raspberry Vulcana, a bold and empowering twist on our iconic watermelon and lime gose. Named after the legendary strongwoman Vulcana, this vibrant brew embodies strength and resilience, blending the tart sweetness of raspberries with the original crisp and refreshing notes of our beloved Vulcana gose.

Raspberry Vulcana pours a striking ruby hue, a visual tribute to its robust and spirited character. As you lift the glass, be greeted by an invigorating aroma of fresh raspberries, and a zesty lime finish. It’s a scent that promises power and refreshment, designed to awaken the senses and invigorate the spirit. The interplay of flavors is not just delicious but also a testament to the enduring spirit of its namesake—Vulcana, a woman celebrated for her formidable strength and indomitable will.

With a moderate ABV, Raspberry Vulcana is both a sessionable delight and a flavorful adventure. It's perfect for those who seek a beer that stands out in a crowd, much like Vulcana herself, who was renowned for her performances in feats of strength. This gose is a celebration of resilience, a homage to the bold and the brave.

Each glass is a salute to strength, a cheer to the courageous, and a toast to those who dare to live boldly. Here’s to strength in every pour, and cheers to the legacy of Vulcana—may her spirit continue to inspire us all.

Step right up...on those Raspberries!

The strength of Vulcana made even bolder with fresh raspberries!



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