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OH YEAH! Citra Peach Hazy IPA

IBU tbd

ABV 7.2%


HOPS tbd

MALT tbd


Introducing Citra Peach Oh Yeah! Hazy IPA, an evolution of our beloved Oh Yeah! Hazy IPA, now bursting with the sun-kissed sweetness of ripe peaches set against a vibrant citra hop backdrop. This refreshing twist on a fan favorite captures the essence of summer in every sip, making it a perfect companion for both bright days and warm, starry evenings.

Citra Peach Oh Yeah! pours a hazy, golden color, inviting you in with its alluring haze and promising a juicy adventure. The aroma is a lush orchard of fragrances, where the bold, fruity notes of citra hops meet the delicate, sweet scent of fresh peaches. This harmonious blend creates a tantalizing bouquet that beckons with the promise of refreshment and flavor.

On the palate, Citra Peach Oh Yeah! delivers a beautifully balanced taste experience. The initial hit of subtle peach sweetness is quickly followed by the crisp, tropical citrus notes of citra hops, creating a complex yet harmonious flavor profile. The peach not only complements the citrusy zest of the hops but also smooths out the bitterness, leading to a soft, almost creamy mouthfeel that's exceptionally drinkable.

With an ABV of 7.2%, this Hazy IPA is both approachable and satisfying, crafted for those who appreciate the nuanced interplay of fruit and hops. It’s perfect for savoring after a long day or during weekend gatherings with friends and family.

Here’s to living vibrantly and savoring the sweet nuances of life with HEAVY Brewing Co. Cheers to the peachy side of life!

When you are feeling like a peachy champion...

Our Oh Yeah! savage slammer smacked around with peaches and citra hops!



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