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Coffee Brown Ale

Built for Speed

IBU tbd

ABV 5.3%


HOPS tbd

MALT tbd


Built for Speed is not your average brown ale. It’s a vibrant fusion of rich, dark coffee and the smooth, malty undertones of a classic brown ale. Inspired by those moments that demand a burst of energy and a touch of boldness, this brew features a careful selection of roasted coffee beans, expertly blended to enhance the natural nuttiness and chocolate notes of the ale. The result? A flavor that zips across your palate with the precision and exhilaration of a finely-tuned race car.

At 5.3% ABV, Built for Speed is both robust and refreshing. It's crafted for those who push the limits, who wake up with the sunrise to chase their passions and refuse to settle for the ordinary. This coffee brown ale is an ode to the adventurers, the midnight oil burners, and the dream chasers. It’s for the spirited, the brave, and the ones who know that the best way to celebrate a hard-won victory is with a cold, satisfying beer in hand.

Grab a pint of Built for Speed and let its rich, invigorating spirit fuel your next adventure. Here's to the journey, the achievements, and the incredible moments along the way. With every sip, remember: if you're moving fast, you're living HEAVY.

For those big days

Coffee and beer are a wonderful partnership.



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