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Fruit Gose

Blackberry Vulcana

IBU tbd

ABV 5.3%


HOPS tbd

MALT tbd


Introducing Blackberry Vulcana, a powerful and audacious twist on our renowned Vulcana gose. Infused with the bold essence of blackberries, this variant pays additional homage to Vulcana, a legendary strongwoman known for her formidable strength and magnetic charisma. Like its namesake, Blackberry Vulcana is a celebration of resilience, power, and the rich complexities of character.

Blackberry Vulcana pours a deep, mysterious red/purple, mirroring the dark and intense flavors that await. As you raise the glass, the aroma of ripe blackberries envelops you, mingled with a hint of the ocean breeze characteristic of a classic gose. It's a scent that promises adventure and strength, beckoning you to dive into its depths.

Upon tasting, the sharp tartness of blackberries commands attention, robust and unapologetic. This striking berry flavor is beautifully balanced by the subtle salinity and light sourness typical of the gose style, creating a multidimensional drinking experience. The tartness of the fruit enhances the beer’s refreshment factor, while the saline notes provide a grounding earthiness that echoes the steadfastness of Vulcana herself.

With a moderate ABV, Blackberry Vulcana is both invigorating and approachable, perfect for those who relish a beer with character and depth.

Step right up...on those Blackberries!

The strength of Vulcana made even bolder with fresh blackberries!

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